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Are you a fan of the Jurassic Park movies then there is every chance of your liking Primal Carnage. The game is a man versus dinosaur shooter. The game has only one gameplay mode which happens to be the multiplayer mode. It is a team based multiplayer game which has been designed well and has the potential to keep you at the edge of your seat. In the team death match, the gamer would get to join one of the sides, one of which plays as humans and the other controls the dinosaurs. Although the general storyline of the game is rather blunt, yet, Primal Carnage manages to enthrall all.

The idea of the battle between men and dinosaurs has always titillated the minds of the people. Countless movies, games and books have been churned on the very same idea. Primal Carnage is one such game which walks the very same path and yet remains distinctly different. The first team to bite, stomp, blast or shoot the opponents, gets to win the game. Primal Carnage is evenly poised at both ends and hence, if you try hard, you are assured of a win either as a dinosaur or as a human!

Primal Carnage comes loaded with action. As humans, the gamer would get to access a melee of weapons, while as dinosaur, he would get to gobble men at a go. Dinosaurs and guns seem much alike as they have their own specialties. Few of the dinosaurs included in the game are Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus and Pteranodon. The only weapon that can guarantee a win in Primal Carnage is teamwork, hence try sticking together and attack in groups. This would help in making your presence felt and survive even when you are outnumbered. Hence, Primal Carnage scores big as a prehistoric cage match and manages to woo gamers around the globe.

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