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Peace Break: Hero is a fast paced action game that will prove to be really interesting. There are a lot of different elements that build up this game and all of them are really interesting. The planet that was the colonization target for the player's army was also targeted by a group of enemies that want to obliterate it. This cannot happen and as they will not back down, the only way to take them away from the place is to destroy them. In order to achieve this, they will have to be shot down one by one by the player.

In order to achieve this task, he will receive the best ship that is available and this is just the beginning, as when the levels progress, the player will also be able to purchase even better parts for the ship that he drives. The ship can be controlled with ease and it will be pretty interesting do to it, especially as the game is a top down shooter and the threats will be visible in advance, meaning that the player will be able to set his course better in order for the ship to avoid and counter attack the enemy

There are several missions that must be completed in order if the player wants to finish the game. Each will open up the next one and the players will also receive access to a better selection of weapons and protection parts for the ship. It only requires attention and some skill in order to control the ship. Players will have to pay attention to the enemies as when the level advances, new enemies will also appear and they will be harder to destroy, so some better combinations of skills and weapons will really give the player the opportunity to have some fun.

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