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Nuclear Plant is not the usual game that you might expect to play. It is much more interesting than the usual action games that feature a defense mode in which you will have to play in order to progress. So, the game is kind of a tower defense, but it will require more cooperation from the player in order to defend the plant that was... planted in a special container. Almost everything has been wiped out from the surface of the planet after a nuclear war that started in 2042 but there are some people who survived - only a few of them, but they want to rebuild the planet.

However, there are some weird enemies that want to prevent the humans from doing this - probably they were also the cause of the nuclear war, otherwise they would not have been such annoyed by the people that are trying to revive the planet. So, the people have a plant that is enclosed in a special capsule that was built with the remaining technology, and they must protect it from the enemies that come in order for the plant to breed and give seeds that will allow more plants to be planted around the world.

The game will allow different upgrades for the flask in which the plant is contained, but also for the weapons that are used in the game in order to protect the plant from the enemies. It will not be too hard to figure which is more important in terms of upgrading, but some upgrades are critical and they should be used soon, such as the durability of the flask, as nobody would like to see it get cracked and destroyed only because it was not upgraded. The game is really interesting and deserves at least a play through.

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