Download Night of Million Zombies

Night of Million Zombies is a classic but fun to play zombie game in which the player will have to defend the base for as much time as possible. Probably, there is some end to this apparently unending zombie swarm. There are a lot of them and the player will have to use the best weapons that he has in order to take down all of the zombies. Because of the large number of enemies that will approach the player as the time passes, he will sometimes be required to use more powerful weapons than the classic ones that everyone is used with.

The game will be played in a survival mode and each round will last for a set amount of time. Afterwards, the player will see how many points he was able to earn and he will then be able to access the upgrade shop in order to purchase better equipment. He will be able to purchase different types of upgrades for the weapons or he will have the possibility to purchase completely new weapons, but these are much more expensive than the standard upgrades. However, with them, the player will also be able to kill more zombies and earn more points.

However, even these weapons may sometimes be too less powerful to destroy a whole swarm of zombies, and this is the moment in which the player should make use of even powerful weapons. The flame thrower has a big range and it will fry a lot of zombies in a matter of seconds, allowing the player to have some more time in order to think his strategy. There is also the possibility to level up in the game and using this level up system, the player will be able to become a much more powerful character.

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