Download Max Steel for PC Windows

Max Steel for PC Windows is a running and action game. Max and Steel are two characters of the game who form a team to defend the earth and humans. Max is teen human while Steel is an alien. The evil bosses in the game are planning to do something very evil when they reach Copper Canyon. You have to reach there first and stop them from carrying out any of their plans.

Besides the running, you will also have to fight against the bosses and their henchmen, who in the game are Dreffnaught robots. To help the duo, you have the amazing powers of Steel to be used. His Turborang and Turbo Pulse make it even in terms of power for both the teams. As you play the game, you will come against research chips, which you can collect and later use to upgrade the powers of Max to make your team even stronger. Now with so much power in your team, you have to take down the Ultralinks that could be used to destroy the earth.

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