Download Madness: Project Nexus

Madness: Project Nexus is another Flash game that is part of the Madness series and players will definitely enjoy getting through this one just as they did with the previous games, too. The game provides a lot of quality content, just like its predecessors, and for every player out there it will be a true delight. Some may enjoy certain elements of the game while others will mainly enjoy the most obvious ones - however, it is unlikely that someone will not like this game because it is filled with all kinds of interesting elements.

The main element is the stealth one - the player has the possibility to remain as silent as possible and just do the lowest amount of killings possible. This can be a nice play through because alerting a whole base with some unplanned shootings is not the best way to get through all of the floors in order to reach for the main place. However, if the player goes at a more silent pace, he will be able to keep track of everything that happens around and he will be more successful in dealing with the enemies that appear, even if they might appear stronger.

The game allows the player to go with different characters in order to win each mission and they will all be interesting - each has a certain set of skills and each will be useful in the missions that are featured in the game. However, the player can choose freely what character he wants to use in order to have a better feeling over the game, because every player has a certain style that he wants to go with. The graphics of the game are mainly in shades of grey but there are also some colored elements that will stand aside from the others.

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