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Madness Accelerated  is a rather weird game that will actually prove to be interesting. The graphics are not the thing that must be looked at when you start playing the game - you should focus on something else, definitely, and the gameplay is the only other aspect that will save this game and will change your opinion. After you get through it you will actually enjoy the fact that you played it. The best use for this game is to kill some time at work, during the break, or some when else when nothing else is available. Being designed in Flash will mean that it will only require a small amount of resources to work.

There are quite a lot of enemies in the game and they will come in waves in order to kill the main character of the game, but they will have to be defeated in order to progress with the main objective of the game. This will require the character, aided by the player, to destroy the main compound of the enemy. He just crashed his helicopter nearby so it will not be hard for him to reach it, but he will have to take care of the bad guys that are outside

In the beginning the main character will only be able to stab the guys at close range. He will later be able to use ammo and he will then be able to shoot the guys from a distance. He will be able to find a few more weapons along the way and he will also have the possibility to use some upgrades in order to make him stronger or more agile. However, in the end, everything comes down to a few seconds in which he will have to escape the building that is rigged to blow.

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