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If you ever wanted to don the role of the devil, then Lucius is the game for you. The game is a refreshing and promising take on horror. The gamer gets to play as a 6 year old of the same name. He was born on 6th June, 1966 and is, as you would call him, anti-Christ. The game picks up speed when on his 6th birthday, Lucius meets his father and is asked to carry out a strange and gruesome whim of his father. He is entrusted with the job of killing the inhabitants of Dante Manor.

Lucius has supernatural powers gifted to him by his father. The game has around 9 chapters and each begins with a notebook entry and is followed by gruesome deaths. In each of the missions, Satan grants Lucius new powers and bolster’s the old ones. Some of his powers include mind control, combustion and telekinesis. Lucius is more of an anti-hero. He is a spawn at the hands of Satan. Being just a 6 year old, the gamer gets to be more than an ordinary killer. He is a ruthless unsuspected hitman on the loose.

While most people consider Lucius as an open ended sandbox game, the game wouldn't quite seem so. The entire game is centered around Lucius and takes place at the huge Dante Manor. Lucius is meant for gamers who like Hitman type games where you get to discover new things and execute plans. The game may not be as interesting as any of the Hitman games, but has a niche of its own. The game has been designed well and the idea behind it would surely appeal to some. The in-game music, the well masterminded murders, the pervading dark humor and the fear inside people of the mansion, makes Lucius, a good game by all standards.

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