Download Killer Bean Unleashed for PC Windows

Killer Bean Unleashed for PC Windows is an action game, putting you in the shoes of Killer Bean who has some scores to settle. He was a member of a secret agency of assassins, but one day, the rest tried to kill. He survived, but now has one target in his life, to kill all of them. Enjoy the mission that takes you through 19 difficult levels. The game offers two other modes besides the basic story mode, Mega Levels and Survival Mode.

This assassin is extremely strong and has very unique fighting skills to defeat powerful enemies with ease. You will also get powerful weapons, each of which has a different firing mode and has a different type of damage to the enemy. Along with the 12 unique weapons, you can also unlock items which can give you additional powers to do things that you could not have done, like a triple jump. Improve your skills and accuracy to become the master assassin.

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