Download Hitman: Blood Money demo

Hitman: Blood Money Demo is an action packed gaming application that has been designed and developed by Io Interactive and published online by Eidos Interactive. This adventure based action game is based on the original movie Hitman. The background story for this action game revolves around Agent 47 who belongs to a contract agency, the ICA.

As per the story for this gaming tool, the members of the ICA are systematically eliminated, hinting at a more powerful and deadly agency coming in to the picture. Agent 47 goes about his tasks, as usual, but finds himself out of contact with his agency. He could be the next target for elimination, and this pushes him to move to America. In this place he is supposed to execute another target.

Each time you help Agent 47 accomplish his task and eliminate the target; you will be paid in hard cash. The user can determine how the cash is spent; however, this also determines the weapons at the disposal of the agent and how he progresses in his subsequent tasks. The publishers claim that this game offers a distinctive gameplay experience to each of its users. This gaming utility is powered by an innovative game engine referred to as Glacier. The game promises to offer you one of the most realistic simulations of the deadly assassins.

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