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Hexen II is the powerful sequel of Hexen, developed by Doom who have added more exciting features in this second version. This is undoubtedly a powerful game and has significant playoff for single players and has taken a bold step to come out of the first person shoot mold. But this different approach is not without consequences as the end result is confusing sometimes and frustrating at times.

There are four character classes designed in this game, the crusader, assassin, necromancer, and the paladin. These four characters are designed to destroy the four powerful and tricky horsemen of the Apocalypse. Once the four horsemen are destroyed, the player is supposed to kill the third serpent rider. The game plan and the background settings throughout are excellently designed and executed. The medieval village, the Egyptian tomb, the Greek and Roman palaces, and the dreadful cathedral all make the atmosphere to get in to the mood of a great play. Though the artistic design is excellently taken care, the different level design is confusing and it could have been better designed.

Without doubt, the artistic designs are gorgeous. The seamless flow of the graphics in navigating from one place to another and the amazing change of mood from one culture to another culture makes the player of the games move from one place of the world to another completely different place. Many of the drawbacks of the previous version of this game are well studied and taken care of. The sound system could have been little more effective as sometimes it is hardly effective. This is certainly an action game with little RPG elements. The design of the game with less violence is a highly appreciable feature of this game. An action thriller with exciting environments will certainly love to play this game.

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