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Gun Mayhem is not exactly the kind of game that people might think about when they actually hear the title. Probably moste of the people would imagine that he game is mostly about a lot of enemies that are packed with really powerful weapons and they want to create havoc around the world, but this is not the case in the game and the player will see this as he gets through the levels of the game in order to become the best. This should not be too difficult but logic and reflexes are wanted for this game.

The game is played in the manner of a turn based shooter in order to allow everyone a fair chance, and because of this, the player will have a little bit of thinking time available as he waits for the enemy to take his shot or even when he tries to position himself for the next shot against the earlier mentioned enemy. There are a lot of enemies of this kind and all of them will be interesting to be destroyed, but the player should rather focus on the ones that are are the most challenging as they bring in the greatest rewards.

The game is even better as it also allows players to engage in a multiplayer battle from the same computer. The players will be able to take turns in order to take down their enemy and beforehand, each of them will be able to customize the character by using a selected range of unlocked weapons and arenas, for example. Overall, this will be an interesting adventure to get through and the player will have to pay attention to the enemy as he might bring in a surprise blow that will definitely change the situation of the battle and he might even win.

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