Download Future cop: LAPD

A product that has been designed and developed by Electronic Arts and published by the same entity; Future Cop: LAPD is an action based gaming application that claims to allow its users to play their part as a cop and clean up the city of Los Angeles. Of course, the gaming environment is set in the future, namely, the 22nd century. The city of Los Angeles has been declared uninhabitable for common people due to the high rate of crime; and it is up to you to clean up the streets of this city, now over-run by all types of criminals.

There are two gaming modes from which you can choose – the Crime War and the Precinct Assault mode. The latter mode involves more of strategy based gaming where you have to challenge the other player. You can play either with a real player or choose to play with your computer. Either ways, you have to start with a base and go about building your combat unit. However, you would have to use up the points you gained by destroying enemy equipments to build your unit. Once you have gained the opposition camp, you win the game.

In the Crime War game, you have a mech that you can use to go about your task of taking down criminals. This can be changed to a hover bike when required. There are eight levels, and again you can progress through each level all by yourself or by playing with a friend. You can make use of various weapons to get yourself ahead in each level. These include plasma bursts, flame throwers, and mini-shockwave mortars. Thus, with two different gaming modes and multi player capabilities, the game promises to offer a lot of action and excitement for users interested in this genre of games.

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