Download Flippin’ Dead

Flippin’ Dead is a weird but nice game that will definitely by enjoyable for those that want a nice action filled challenge. It is a really pity that this game is not a full design and it was only constricted to Flash, but this is too, a nice version that will still be enjoyable for those that want to play something interesting. There are a lot of zombie games on the market, there are movies, posters, books, everything that can be thought of, and all of them have a better or worse concept but generally, they have the same plot and the same actions going around.

However, this time, the players will be able to play an extremely new concept of zombie gaming. The character that the player has the possibility to control is not just a simple character that will have to fight against zombies in order to survive. He has the power to transform itself into a zombie, as well, and this will be really interesting to follow up with if one wants to play through the whole game. The player will have the possibility to change the nature of the character at any given time but it is advisable to do so only at recommended points, otherwise trouble may arise.

The character will have the possibility to transform itself into a zombie in order to travel without the fear of people that might go unarmed, but some might kill him so he will need to convert back to a human and prove to the others that he is normal. This will have to be done as fast as possible in order to avoid getting shot in the head, like all the zombies. The game provides a truly unique experience that spans over several interesting levels with great action.

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