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The game presented here combines mythical elements with modern technology in order to create a good environment in which every player would enjoy playing if he wants to have some good fun. The game encompasses not only the dragon that is mentioned in the title, but also an angry army that has a lot of powerful weapons to use against the ones that will protect the dragon. These protectors are not too many but they are definitely powerful and they will not back down until they accomplish their objective, that of rescuing the dragon.

The dragon that is mentioned in the title is actually not yet born. The egg in which he currently lives has been stolen from a nest by some secret researches that cooperate with the army and the adult dragon has witnessed this. He must take his revenge but he will have to do it in a special way in order to be able to get closer to his enemies if he really wants to destroy them. In order to do this sneaky job, he will hav to transform into a motorcycle rider and he will have to use some special guns in order to take the approaching bad guys down.

After he manages to pass a level, he will be able to go to the next one but meanwhile, he will also be able to upgrade his powers by uisng skill points that were earned during battle time. There are different powers that can be upgraded for the dragon and they vary from the classic damage upgrade to more interesting ones, such as the agility upgrade, which will allow the creature to move faster away from the bullet sprays that are launched by the enemy. The game should not be too hard, although the last of the 10 levels could provide quite a challenge.

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