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Hungry for adventure? Then, Don’t Starve is just the game for you. It is a tale of horror with a rather different approach. As the name suggests, Don’t Starve has only one objective - fill your stomach to its potent. You wake up in the middle of wilderness and you are given with an instruction to find food. Roaming around you might find berries and carrots or snare rabbits and hunt down beasts if you are too desperate. For better nourishment, you can make a fire to cook all the food you've collected. But be warned, that a fire gone wrong might put the entire forest to flames and might burn your skin as well.

It is a game where wild beasts encircle in the dark, not letting you to sleep. And when the dark circles creep in, your hunger increases and sanity decreases. You start getting weird illusions and as the food gets scarce you tend to lose your sanity completely. The game shows you how desperation makes people do evil things, evil enough to kill a friend and consume him. The pigmen can be used as your allies or enemies. You can feed them and earn their loyalty. They will accompany you through your adventures and will help you fight the beasts.

The graphics look as if it is from a Tim Burton movie - all black and grey, with the character having a pale white skin and darkness around the eyes. The initial missions can get too monotonous, but as the game picks up, it promises to give a whole lot of fun. It is not one of those typical games which spoon feed you with stupid tutorials. The player needs to figure out all things himself, which brings out your survival instincts.

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