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Decision is a good looking top down shooter game that allows the player to see if he can handle himself in a battle for survival. The big threat that appeared now is a zombie outbreak. Interestingly enough, the game does not feature a title that allows the player to see what the action is about, so at least the menu screen will be required in order to find out what he will have to do. The game is based on a lot of decisions that will appear during almost each level of the game, forcing the player to have a little thinking time before he is actually able to do a decision.

The decisions will influence the outcome of the game and also the fate of the player - he will have to think twice before choosing once and this might also work as a tip for life. Even if the time is not too much, he will still have to think in order to avoid making a mistake. The game takes place in different areas of a large town and it will be pretty interesting to clear each smaller portion of it in order to make it safe. However, the danger will be gone only when the player manages to completely finish the game.

The player will also have the possibility to earn money as he kills the enemies and also completes the missions' objectives. And the money can later be used in order to purchase better weaponry and protection for the character. He is on his own out there so he will need the best available firepower in order to make it to the end of each level, because these monsters are pretty harsh. There are some missions that will require the player to protect objectives rather than wandering around.

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