Assault Heroes

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If you are looking for a classic shoot them up game with some stunning and impressive power-ups, then Assault Heroes is the game for you. The game is packed with some mind blowing action and some very stunning power-ups. The arcade style of game play and the storyline of Assault Heroes is quite traditional and make for a great game. however, the stunning modern graphics and the amazing sound effects make for a very impressive game. the premise of the game is very simple as in most action games: you have to defeat and eliminate your enemies.

You are in control of a vehicle and you view the world from the top and have the power to shoot at just about anything that dares to come in your line of vision. The artificial intelligence of Assault Heroes is not very well crafted and this results in your enemies trying to attack you in waves, and with not much strategy or planning. This makes the game easier than most, but do not be fooled, sometimes numbers do matter, and your enemies may just be able to win on basis of that. The controls are not that easy and it will take you some time in order to gain control of them.

The most attractive part of Assault Heroes is the detailing in the game. the environment is very well thought out and makes for an amazing game that is bound to impress. The graphics are stunning and the sound effects compliment the game fully. The downside to Assault Heroes is that the demo is too short and leaves you wishing for more. also, the low artificial intelligence of the enemies if a demotivating factor in the game making it a tad bit easy to win. However, the old school arcade gaming is really pleasing to play once again.