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When the whole world is moving towards a greener world, PaperPort Standard is a very handy tool to organize all our electronic papers such as Microsoft Word documents and PDF’s. This tool enables us to have easy access to the documents we store as well as have proper maintenance of the same. It becomes extremely difficult to handle the documents on our laptops once the number of documents we create and access increases, over a period of time. This is when we need an assistant such as this tool.

The tool has an easy document viewing feature which is the major feature and most required one from the end user point of view. It helps us organize the documents according to different format such as age, date of creation or modification, types, etc. Also this tool enables us to search the document according to its contents and most importantly can also scan through readable PDF’s to search according to its contents. These features help us maintain documents in the long term as it is practically difficult to remember the documents with their name or contents.

One observation on this tool is that it takes time to understand all its features and it requires some expertise to utilize the features according to our needs. The more sophisticated requirement we have, the more expertise is required to utilize the features. This tool is certainly recommended for school and college students to save their time in maintaining the documents prepared for their studies and projects. It helps them to maintain and organize the papers prepared for their studies. Of course it can be well utilized by business and professionals in their job and personal documentations. The major use is already explained above. This tool can be summarized as a veteran document manager designed to make our life simpler in managing and utilizing our documents.

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