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Dotdotdot is an amazing reading tool, enabling users to have an easy reading of long form stories, articles and other texts. It serves as a brilliant e-book reader and at the same time, acts as an efficient tool for RSS reader. Some of the notable features of Dotdotdot include the ability to highlight, quote and tag while reading. It also proves to be a great advantage in terms of managing different types of e-books. It is an essential software for both browsers and mobile devices. The software has made a name for itself owing to its multidimensional structure and functions.

Dotdotdot is a simple software and has an easy to use UI which can be operated by almost anyone. It lets you bookmark the pages and also perform a range of other useful functions. It is a great application for both frequent readers as well as the ones who read occasionally. One would just need a Facebook or Twitter account to commence with this application or use the alternative option by creating a separate account with an authentic email address. It serves as a great platform to connect with readers globally with the help of these social networking sites. This in turn would help you know more about books you probably never had a clue about.

The Dashboard option in Dotdotdot would showcase both the activities from you as well as the other readers whom you are following. It comprises of all the information related to one’s bookmarks and quotes. It even includes the tiniest of details as the number of pages read and follower count displayed in the homepage. One can add their desired articles/stories to their Dotdotdot library and also mark other public articles. Overall, it is a great web reading tool with a truckload of features. It is highly recommended for all the avid readers.

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