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To know more about the usage of a tool like Docx to Doc Converter, we need to first understand Microsoft Word versions and the file formats out of these different Word application versions. All MS Word application from the versions 97 up to 2003 uses the file format as ‘.doc’.  This file format was changed to ‘.docx’ in its 2007 Office suite. This same file format continues in the latest office version of 2010. An user who has MS Office word 97-2003 installed on their PC will not be able to open a MS Word file with the extension ‘.docx’. Also, users have experienced some sort of format alignment issues between documents generated between MS Word 2007 and MS Word 2010.

All the above format and alignment issues can be sorted out by this all-in-all document conversion tool. It is very simple to operate and use. The menus are simple and minimal in number. The tool ensures that we can convert any MS Word format to other available format flawlessly. All combinations of conversions are taken care of in this tool. Practical testing and reviews from users reveal that the quality of output is good and conversion is flawless. This multi-lingual software includes English, Italian, Russian, Chinese, French, and Spanish, to name a few supported languages. Preciously speaking, we can convert Word 97,  2000,  2003,  2007, and 2010.

Though the operational usage is easily designed, installation process is a bit tedious. There are two options for installation, namely quick and custom. Though generally we are tempted to go in for a quick installation, it is recommended to go in for a custom installation in this case. The quick installation tries to install some unnecessary files along with this tool, apart from changing the default search link and the default home page. During custom installation, we can opt for avoiding these important changes to our system and browser settings. Without surprise, this tool works very well in all the Window OS versions and also runs effectively on low computer resources.

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