Download Desktop Notepad

Desktop Notepad, developed and published by Digital Estate Systems, is a very simple but powerful tool which displays the texts you wish to appear on the desktop as a wall paper. This tool accepts as input any text you type. But basically the purpose of this tool is to remind you on actions you need to perform on a timely basis during your office hours. Hence it is basically a reminder tool with a simple design.

This tool is quite simple in its design. There is nothing more on its architecture than to accept as input what you type and display these inputs on to your systems desktop as output. These inputs can be any short reminders or your detailed work plans for the day or week or month, all in the way you like the contents to be displayed. This tool can be used as a personal secretary to stream line your note talking habits.

The design, though simple, is well thought of. Since the contents in the desktop should be short and sweet, the tool is allows you to move over your mouse on this tool, and the tool wakes up by displaying its resizable window, which is transparent too. All detailed notes can be read through this window. This tool works on all window flavors and requires little hardware and software resources.

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