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Perhaps the best dictionary software nowadays in the market is the Collins English Dictionary. It is specially built to be used when you are on the go. The Collins English Dictionary gives the user access to truly unique resources of the English language. All the concise and clear content which has made Collins English Dictionary the most widely used dictionary in the world is incorporated in the Collins English Dictionary. This app is available not only on the desktop but also on mobile phones, PDA, tablets, etc. The interface of the app is also very simple and easy to use and understand. The app has dominated the market due to its enhanced clarity and efficient interface.

The Collins English Dictionary contains all the latest and up to date vocabulary. The app also provides the user with notes regarding the usage of the words in passages so that it is easier to understand. This software has over 3 million databases of words and it ensures that the user will be able to find the meaning of a particular word with ease and hundred per cent efficiency.

The Collins English Dictionary has many features. It contains over twelve hundred thousand references. The app also provides the user with extensive history of the word, extra foot notes on usage of the word, etymology of the word, etc. The app also features nearby word search, homographs and fuzzy matching results while searching for a word. The search tool of the app is designed to correct and misspelt words and also helps with inflections. This software is very much compatible with latest versions of Windows like Xp, Vista, 7, 8 etc.


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