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Designed and developed for Windows 2000, 2003, 7, XP, and Vista systems; Brochure Template is a software utility that is intended to help users create brochures with ease and simplicty. A product that has been designed and developed by PoweredTemplates, you can avail this tool as a free to use software application. The tool claims to be a one-stop solution for all brochure creation needs. It offers several features for creating and designing brochures. You can create brochures with professional finish, without compromising on its appeal or appearance, thanks to its full-color templates. The templates have been designed and created by professional designers and artists and claim to offer a comprehensive solution for show-casing your business potential.

The templates are made available in standard sizes. There are different varieties such as unfolded product sheets, bi-folded ones for business entities, and tri-folded ones for bigger organizations or companies. You can also edit these professionally designed brochures to create product catalogs that are economical in cost and effort. This tool claims to offer the ability to simply and effortlessly create brochures using its pre-defined templates as well as print-out these brochures from your Microsoft Word application. You don’t have to struggle with creating or editing complex page layouts, the tool promises to have done all the hard-work making your tasks easier.

Besides Microsoft Word, this utility also offers support for CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and Microsoft Publisher. In other words, you can open the brochures created using this tool in all the aforementioned applications as well. This also means, you can design, edit, and print-out your brochures from any of these applications. This compatibility feature is considered one of its important highlights. It is important to have the ability to create brochures and catalogs to take care of your business requirements and this tool claims to fulfill all these needs.

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