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As suggested by its name, Atlantis Word Processor software is a utility that is intended to help users create and format Word documents or Text files. When compared to Microsoft Word, the tool is found lacking in several aspects. Therefore it cannot be termed as a high-end Word processing tool like MS Word. All the same, the tool delivers on its promises and whatever functionalities it offers are complete, reliable, and user-friendly; making it one of the best basic Word Processor tools available.

A product from the house of Rising Sun Solutions; the utility promises to be light on your system resources, fast in its loading, and efficient in its functional execution. Like MS Word, this tool also offers several features that can make creating and formatting documents easy and simple. And the best part is that all these features can be easily and quickly accessed using the buttons offered in the main interface window. The tool claims to offer one of the most powerful and efficient Auto Correct features, which ensures that you don’t have to put up with the odd spelling errors that are bound to occur. Similarly, the tool also comes integrated with a “Power type” feature that ensures even the laziest of users or the slowest of typists can complete their documents at short notice. This tool offers to complete words automatically for you. You even have the option to choose words from a list or database.

Another beneficial feature is the word hyphenation, which automatically allows you to insert hyphens where required. However, a few limitations also exist. You do not have the option to add text boxes or create forms. Macros do not exist in this tool and the concept of document collaboration is also foreign to it. Therefore, as already mentioned, if you consider using it as a basic Word tool; then you are bound to benefit from it. You can secure your Word files, created using this tool, by encrypting and password protecting it. You can check out the trial version of this utility for a limited trial period of 30 days. A Windows based system, it can be implemented in Windows 2000, 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions.

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