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Available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh in more than 15 languages today, Apache Open Office is filled with enhanced features and improved elements. Smooth graphics, new spreadsheets and the clean design add to a host of other positives of this software. Officially released by ASF, this software turns out to be a good alternative to the much popular Microsoft Office. Creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations have never been this easy. However, the best thing about Apache Open Office is the fact that it reads all the formats recognized by MS Office.

This multi featured app also has its own set of extensions that can be used to save your documents. The extensions can be easily browsed using applications or rankings. The interface is highly intuitive and clean. It is easily navigable as well. It wouldn't take you much time to comprehend the dimensions of this power packed software. Apache Open Office is a dynamic office-productivity software, that dishes out a good performance and in no way less than the all-supreme MS Office. It is a feature rich software offering an easy and smooth experience.

Apache Open Office has an uncanny resemblance to MS Office and yet, it doesn't have the complexity of the same. The tools of the software are decently located and holds good even for the amateurs. The best about the software is the fact that it is completely free. Hence, for those who no longer wish to use the boring MS Office, they can definitely go for Apache Open Office. The software has the exact same usability as MS Office and offers much more than you possibly imagine. This has actually helped it in establishing itself as a viable option to MS Office. Hence, if you are looking for an MS Office type software which would single-handedly allow you to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations, you may go for Apache Open Office.

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