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Talking Alphabet is very interesting software for children. It was developed to make the toddlers learn their alphabets and number easily, in an interactive and interesting sort of way. Devoid of irritating ads and useless junk that is present in almost all of the educational programs, Talking Alphabet is a very useful program, as it has been reported by many satisfied parents. As proven through numerous studies and researches, puzzles are one of the most effective ways of making children learn with a long term memory. Puzzles are also effective in providing various opportunities for learning. They help in improving vocabulary, improve memory skills, develop hand-eye coordination and develop language skills. The Talking Alphabet and Puzzles help the children and toddlers to learn the alphabets and numbers, and develop their vocabulary by the virtue of the matching exercises and listening puzzles. The clarity of the display of the characters is also an important aspect that helps remember the characters.

Talking Alphabet is software that has a unique layout and design and has a display of large and visible character. This helps in imprinting the characters in the young minds of the toddlers easily and for a long time. These are also easy to see, click and hear as well. The newer versions have fixed several previous bugs, thus, making the program better and more reliable. The telltale Talking Alphabet logo has been changed as well as shifted. Moreover, the developers have updated the copyright information. They have also updated the information panel. They have also facilitated easier navigation to the numbers windows by renaming it to “Numbers”. They have also removed the link to the Catzware website from the program logo. Interestingly, they have also altered the numbers window into looking like a keyboard number pad. Windows XP support has also been re-added, which had been previously removed.