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DoneEx XCell Compiler is copy protection software which is specifically designed to protect Microsoft Excel worksheets. The application which is a special form of Excel compiler converts the normal excel sheet in to an executable where the macros and formulas in binary format are not visible to the end user. This tool also ensures that the hard written VBA code is protected from any copying from end users.

Going one step further, this tool also allows you to protect your excel sheet from being copied from one computer to another the concept of license management feature, which makes use of the hardware locking mechanism. Making things more professional, this tool allows you to add your own icon, splash an end user license agreement, shortly called as EULA. While converting the excel sheet in to an executable, the tool actually converts all the readable formulas in to a binary format, which is not in a plain readable form. The tool also provides you provision to compel the end user to accept the EULA and only can further open the excel sheet. There is also another feature which ensures that the excel sheet will become unreadable after some time period. This ensures that the file cannot be exploited after the required time period.

The only requirement for executing the output of Excel sheets by this tool is that the end user still needs Microsoft Excel installed on their system. Though the tool claims to convert the excel sheet as an executable, it is only a partial conversion and MS Excel is still needed. By installing this tool, the user creates a new menu item in their Excel product for exe conversion. There are many options available within this menu item. This may require some time for the end user to understand all the functionalities of the sub menu items provided by this tool. The tool also allows you to convert an existing .xls file in to an executable without having to rely on the sheet. The 30 day trial version allows you sufficient time to understand and admire the product. This runs on all Windows OS flavors including Windows 8.

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