Word Box Processor

Download Word Box Processor

Word Box Processor is a good quality voice recognition software which can convert target text into speech with lot many other features which can help a user in handling his target documents as well as to perform some other tasks with voice command. Created and published by USALL Systems, this software program is compatible with different Windows operating systems like Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, and Windows 8. This voice recognition software is easy to install and its interface is easy to understand. There is no specific system requirement for installing this program, however this application is workable with Windows operating systems.

The latest version has bug fixing ability as well as it has both word box listener/interactive and in installation program to guarantee best experience. The other features include power to create own fonts and to share it with others, facility for printing customized font, producing colorized text, composing text compatible with latest monochrome, color inkjets, and laser printer, and synchronization with a reputable and quality dictionary for learning definitions and word meaning etc. Its manufacturing company has claimed this word processor as new age processor and a unique tool for managing wide range of computer operation via only voice command. This software is available for free to trial mode for 30 days and for unlimited uses however after 30-days, the user can either uninstall the program or he can purchase a pack of minimum $9USD.