Download WAVFRAG

WavFrag is a speech recognition and voice command following software developed and released by Robot Monkey SOFTWARE. Similar to other speech recognition software in terms of obeying voice- commands and working as speech converter WavFrag offers something more for its users which stands the reason behind its wide acceptability. For example, with this software installed in your computer you can ask for current weather or may ask your computer to display home page of your browser and it will exactly follow that. This software is compatible with Windows operating systems like Operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7/8, and Windows Vista. The file size is only 4.27 MB and the file is available for download in the name of wfsetup.zip.

WAVFRAG is based on a new voice recognition algorithm which is greatly accurate and it’s simple to use than its prior versions. The best features of this algorithm are easy training ability and language independence. A user can introduce a new word by repeating for a few times rapidly. It is quite efficient in computing. It hardly needs any extra support for voice recognition. From a wider perspective, WAVFRAG works by decomposition of speech elements and it provides the basis of the recognition. Its push ability is one of its other attractive features. When a user pronounces a word distinctively, the algorithm shows better response, which is different from traditional ones.

The software WaveFrag is known for its speaker independence as well as for microphone independence. Its speaker independence is achieved via the power to recognize the common speech patterns and accordingly it makes its comparison and default output. This software achieves its microphone independence by virtue of spectral analysis and by using dominant filtering. In its setting the dominant spectrum of the speech will remain consistent regardless the frequency feature of the mic or the sound processing features of the related system. In one word its sound quality is neither distorted or clipped.