Download VoxcribeCC

Published by Voxcribe Company, VoxscribeCC is a speech and voice recognition software. The name of this software itself speaks of its quality,; vox means voice and cribe means scribe. It is a video-audio transcription as well as video captioning editor program enriched with speech recognition quality. The program is compatible with Windows operating systems like Vista/ Windows 7, Windows 8, and the file name is VxCC_1.55_Setup.exe. The other system requirements for downloading the program are Intel Core 2/AMD Phenom, 4GB available hard drive space, hi-speed internet connection, 1280x1024 minimum resolution, and at least 4 GB RAM.

Besides being a quality text to speech converter, the program offers excellent quality output, cost effective process, auto text formatting, spell check facility, and interactive time line display with display of audio energy. The program is extremely presentable with speaker independence and output accuracy[97-99%] as well as with strongest noise immunity. The program has unique algorithm for auto realization of near perfect recognition of already set linguistic and acoustic models. This algorithm has parallel processing abilities which can divide its recognition output task into parallel threads by using SIMD instructions for availing best performance.

In addition to transcribe an audio file, VoxcribeCC can work as a video speech recognition program which allows its users to load all kinds of video files for grabbing the entire text. The program has an intuitive interface and that allows its users to get easy navigation as well as easy control over the entire program. VoxscribeCC offers two prime benefits for its users,: one is end-point detection, and the other is video speech detection. While the second benefits is all about conversion of uttered words into text , the first benefit covers a unique facility of detection of start-end points of the subtitles within the target text.