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Voice Finger is a kind of speech-recognition business software, which allows a user to control mouse and keyboard only using his voice command. Voice Finger program does not require any sort of physical contact with computer and that is why it helps those who want to rest their hands for the time being or those who are vision impaired. The major difference between this voice recognition software and other popular varieties of speech-to text programs is in most of these programs the user needs to type the target text while Voice Finger works entirely on voice command and that is also in considerable faster speed.

This program has unique features. It has qualities like pressing multiple keys at the same time clicking with anyone of these 3 buttons of mouse, dragging with different buttons of mouse, auto repeating keys, clicking multiple times by one-time effort, holding and double clicking, etc. Surprisingly, a user can do multiple tasks with keyboard and mouse with voice command. This program can be treated as a jackpot for the game lovers who want to get a third hand for practicing their games. People with physical disparity or with computer injuries will feel relaxed with this software as they can work with their computers only with their voice and not by involving their physical skill.

For installation and activation, the program needs operating systems like Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8. Other system requirements are Processor: Pentium IV; RAM: 1 GB minimum; required disk space:  minimum2 MB, a powerful microphone, and sound car compatible with Windows. Users can manipulate their mouse with this program but before playing the mouse with voice users need to learn to way to divide the screen into multiple parts before further attempt to run the cursor by voice. Similarly keyboard can also be operated by voice command. This program is developed by Voice Finger Company and it is a freeware.