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Ulisten is a text to speech program and it can read loudly target text from different applications like web pages, chm files, pdf files, word files and plain text files. In order to read PDF files, a user has to install xpdf ActiveX control; those use binary set up will find this ActiveX is auto registered. Similarly, for word support the user needs to install Microsoft dso ActiveX control. Published and released by ulisten this software program is compatible with Windows Operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This file can be downloaded free of cost; the file size is 44.96MB and the file name is ulisten-setup-0.1pre070201.exe.

uListen has some interesting features which are not only user friendly that makes this software interesting to work with. Some of these key features are its advantages like the program can provide support for multiple file types, it has provision for highlighting text while reading and that is easier for tracking the reading, it can talk from click position, the program has built-in synchronization with dictionary, and the program if required may speak of RSS feeds automated, and the program can save file to MP3 including IRC.

Ulisten should be used with headphone on. The program Ulisten is an adaptive sound amplifier. This TTS software can make sounds louder or softer. Adaptive volume reducer of this program permits its user to turn up the amplifier to amplify soft sounds, without experiencing any distastefully loud sound. This discerning amplification mode can convert soft sounds louder, while creating loud sounds into softer tune. Auto functions can be switched off, offering direct manual control of amplification level via voice command. The interface of the program is easy-to-follow, and is suitable for even the beginners.

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