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TextHelp ScreenReader is a text to speech converter program released by Lorien Systems and it was released June 9, 2000. It is a user-friendly functional tool bar that allows a system to read text from almost all windows based applications. The users who want to read the emails loudly or want to hear the content of a website while he is doing something else or a user wants to track the number entries on a spreadsheet TextHelp ScreenReader is the best option for him. This software program supports different Windows operating systems like Windows 95, Windows NT, Vista, Windows7/8, and the file size is 8.28MB. The latest version available is 4.0. Besides Windows OS, the program needs minimum 32 MB RAM, minimum 20MB disk space, speakers, and sound cards.

ScreenReader becomes visible as a toolbar on the screen of the system, and it has the similar control menu of a VCR. A user may use the toolbar for reading from the Web browser, word processor, e-mail package, spreadsheet, etc or similar type of Windows program. A user may enjoy the facility of working on a Windows program with textHelp ScreenReader as this program can voice prompt each word as he will type, or will repeat each sentence as the user will utter. The voice-control panel will allow a user to adjust pitch volume, and pace of the spoken voice.

The TextHelp ScreenReader can be advantageous for the users with physical/learning disabilities or with impaired vision. Animated characters are found in-built into the program for discretionary use. The toolbar offers total five options: Speaking selected text, highlighting text while it is read, highlighting text for reading and clicking the icon to access next text, stop speech in the midst of reading, opening a text file and having the whole file read, and a property panel for customization. The user may choose from 13 best-quality voices, preferential pitch, speed, tone, volume, word pause, and pronunciation; A ser may choose one out of four animated character options; can customize hot keys, and can activate speech balloons or screen reading as per personal requirement.