Download TechSpeech

Published and released by The Company Shipping Address, the software program TechSpeech is a good quality voice recognition software program with great quality output. With a single press of button a user can convert a target text into an audio file, and can convert it as per requirement into .WAV files. A user can organize all his dates, his pre-fixed appointment, and all his tasks into a methodical way with the help of voice command only. This file is available for download in the name of Tech and the file size is 37.72MB and the program is compatible with Windows operating systems like Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows7, 8, Windows XP, and Windows NT.

TechSpeech has some interesting features like it can add and store all memorable days. For instance if a user stores all the birthdays of his friends, The program will create reminder for all these days and will relay them by voice prompt. Similarly appointments can be stored for the user and program will give voice prompt about it. Similarly, a user on demand needs to open a program just by saying the program’s name and Techspeech will open it for him with quick response.
It is easy to work on this software as there is no specific system requirement for it other than windows operating system. The interface is simple and user friendly, easy-to-navigate. The program can reads long articles also with best reading accuracy although the voice output is not exactly human, and that has added extra authenticity for the speech. The latest version has added some new features, provision of getting unlimited updates, and bug fixing ability. It is extremely easy to download this free voice recognition software and equally if a user wants to uninstall it, it can be erased with instant effect.