Talking Clipboard

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Talking clipboard is a text to speech convertor software, which can read almost all types of documents like web pages (HTML), e-Pub books, CHM, MS Word, PDF, RTF, RSS feeds, scanned image documents, etc. by using synthetic voices and can convert the speech files into .WAV or in MP3 files either for instant hear or for storing in file device for playing in music player. The latest version of this software is, and the file size 5.96MB, and is released by Talking Clipboard. The file name is setup.exe. This software program is compatible for windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8.

The features and facilities of this software are manifold and extremely user friendly. Some of the prime features are it can read chosen text from wide range of Windows based applications by using clipboard, and can convert text to audio files with ID3 Tags. The program supports IPA and set the right pronunciation of a specific word. The program offers the facility of highlighting target text while reading, changing text color or font as per discretion. The program has excellent maneuverity and offers its users facilities of play, stop, rewind, forward a speech file. It has facility for conversion of batch file to audio format from preset command line.

Talking to clipboard can highlight current text so that the user can follow the words while listening to them loud. This will help for learning word pronunciation and that works well for learning a new language. Some other popular features of this software program are in built plugins for applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, MS Word, Pidgin, bookmarks to traverse via large docs, automatic spell correction, in built dictionary, facility of inserting speech, inserting pause/multiple number of voices in a document, settling speech reminder, vocabulary builder, and full screen e-book reader, etc. have contributed to its popularity.