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Talkie is ultra-modern and advanced text to speech converter and voice and speech recognition software. Talkie is a downloadable program that can work great as an automated assistance for performing different kinds of computer related job all by voice command. Published and released by Softie Company, this software program is compatible with Windows Operating systems like Windows XP/Windows Vista/7/8. The file size for download is 1.2MB and the file name is Talkie-Setup1.3.exe.Those who have problem in typing, or have problem with constant reading, Talkie can be a great option for them for managing their these activities.

Talkie allows its users to open any program as per preference, or for entering any text to any field, application, games, or simply to execute a single keystroke to your favorite game. Talkie can handle the commands like Reload, Run, Night vision. Have Talkie reading text out loud for you, or even dictate your every word. No more slow-typing, simply activate dictation, and Talkie will take care of all of the typing. Talkie can also control the both mouse and keyboard without even a single movement of hand all my dictation and voice command.

Talkie has the power to control the mouse all by exclusive voice command. This program can create advanced scripts via easy-to-use by GUI of Talkie; Talkie can perform all monotonous and repetitive tasks which require keystroke as well as mouse movements being ordered by voice command. The virtue of this software is its comprehensive quality and its simplicity. It can be used for personal task as well as for doing official work in prompt way. The game lovers can take their gaming one level up with the use of this software. Talkie will allow its users to open any program as per desire, or to enter any text to any field, application, even games, or plainly for executing a single keystroke for your favorite game.

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