Download Speakonia

Speakonia is a simple-to-use, free software that converts text into speech and reads texts loudly for the user. It speaks hence its called speakonia. Speakonia comes in 20 robotic voices and all with acute accents. The user can set the reading speed and pitch according to personal discretion. There are some specific advantages for using Speakonia. This program can save text via WAV FILES for using it as a play back item. This is a nice way to read something for you while you are jogging, or playing.

However the program does not have the facility for saving sound files under MP3 format and that is why the user may require a 3rd party conversion utility feature for using this software.The interface of this free software is straight forward and simple to understand. The user may select text in any document and after that will need to press control C to read it loudly. Although Speakonia has no provision for skipping a portion, if needed, but it makes reading an easy to manage task even while the user is doing some other physical activity.This freeware is widely used in creation of videos. In fact it was initially used by CFS Technologies for creation of You Tube videos.

This free software can be used for vision challenged people where users mostly use their ears for studying rather than using their eyes. This freeware can be installed in different languages as per the requirement of the user. The speed and volume of the voice read can be adjusted as per requirement. The Speech Property window is the one of the best parts in Speakonia. This window has the "Lexicon" feature, which enables users to change the pronunciation of a word if necessary. The program is compatible with operating systems like Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/XP/NT/Me.