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Speak Aloud is a text reader software tool designed and developed by Guangming software. This tool helps you to read the text provided to it as input with the help of the SAPI5 and SAPI5 complaint voice. This tool is quite dynamic and can convert text in to voice on the fly. The tool provides different audio formats as options to store in the output file. This tool can convert an input text in to a WAV format file, MP3 file, WMA format, Ogg, Vox, au and AIFF formats. The tool does not create any temporary files in the hard disk during the conversion.

It is also capable of doing batch conversion by accepting files of different formats as inputs and providing files of various audio formats as outputs. It also has a provision to convert the text files in the SWF files. These facilities will enable you add audio files to any of your websites in a matter of seconds. There is also a provision to highlight the word currently read in the stream of any site by the association of an hot key. This tool supports drag and drop option for easy input of text files for conversion.

There is a free to try version available with only two hundred byte conversion limitation. The limitation for pronunciation tuning is a limitation which we can accept. There are some issues with the play and pause buttons which can be easily taken care in the latest releases. This tool is compatible with all flavors of Windows operating systems including the XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Win 8.

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