Download ReadPlease 2003

Those who want to convert text to speech at ease may consider using ReadPlease 2003as it is simple to download and it is available free at cost. In order to use this program the user has to copy and paste the text into the program window which he wants to hear in sound and then has to press the play button. The program has two male and two female voices out of which a user can select his preferred sound and pitch. On the other hand the user can change the font of the text in the program window and adjust the reading speed of the text for optimum convenience. The default voice and accent of the speech of this software is set in US English tone however, it can be set into British accent, as well as in other accents according to preference.

User can use ReadPlease 2003 for reading mail, web pages, or word documents loudly. It is a wonderful way to listen loudly a written text which can be a great tool for vision challenged people. Readplease2003 has some other user friendly features like it highlights every word as it reads which a great feature of convenience is again. With this program, a user can add punctuations can replace word, and the words which one wants to ignore can be highlighted by this program as well.

ReadPlease 2003 offers complete support for entire range of Microsoft voices, reads text on Windows clipboard, It also features Microsoft Voices like Mike, Sam, Mary, background color and customized font, and control reading facility from system tray, and the program even can read email emoticons. ReadPlease 2003 is free software can be downloaded on several operating systems like Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP/vista/7/8. ReadPlease 2003 employs Microsoft speech engines for reading text the user will select.

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