Read to Me Text To Speech

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Read to Me Text To Speech software program is an easy-to-use document as well as text reader that can transform all docs and texts to .WAV format that is compatible with entire range of CD players available in common market. Texts can be targeted in three ways like either the content has to be typed on the in the text window directly or it can be pasted either or a word document can be opened for the project. Now this text-to speech converter has lots of extra value added features that have earned great utility for its users.

The program has special sensors which can detect if the file has some pictures in it. While the text content is the target of this speech recording or .wav format, the program can easily eliminate the pictures from its conversion program. There are different color options which are considered as extra advantage for vision impaired/week people like yellow on black ground or red colored font on yellow background, and so on.Read to Me Text To Speech program offers the facility of spell checker as well as a grammar checking tool in built. These two facilities get activated if the system has support of Microsoft word package. The most popular version of this program is 1.1 versions, and the version also includes features like .Net boots trapper, unspecified enhancements, updates, or big fixing support etc.

In this program the user can select voices from the range which are already installed in the system. In addition to it the program has speech speed and volume speed adjusting capacity. As per the discretion of the user, additional TTS voices can be added in the system from internet download and these downloaded voices get auto added to the drop down menu for default selection. The Reading buttons have features like Read, Pause and Resume and Stop options applicable for the reading of the types text area. This program is developed by Structured Designs. The name of program executable file is Read to Me.exe. This program is compatible with operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/7/8.