Power Text to Speech Reader

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Power Text to Speech Reader is, exactly what its name suggests, a software utility that helps you listen to the text in your document, email, or even web-page; while you rest your eyes and relax. This tool offers to convert your on screen text to speech so that you can listen to it instead of having to read off your screen. The tool is integrated with voice synthesis technology that creates spoken audio, using natural voices, from the text displayed on screen. The tool also offers the option to save these audio files as MP3 so that it can be transferred to your portable devices for listening during travel or for listening during a later point of time.

The tool also offers support for WAV files. Besides playing these audio files in your computer, you can also play it in any of your portable devices that offers support for MP3 or WAV files. Thus, it makes it possible to listen to your text as spoken audio at anytime, anywhere, and according to your convenience. For the purpose of conversion to audio, the tool allows you to import or open different kinds of text files such as MS Word files, standard TXT files, Rich Text Format (RTF) files, PDF documents, HTML files, and email files (.eml format). You can also use this utility to read text directly from your browser application, and for this purpose it offers a plug-in tool for Internet Explorer.

There is also a plug-in utility for MS Outlook that allows you to read all your emails directly from MS Outlook. The tool offers support for, both, male and female voices and also a few robotic voices. It comes integrated with support for over 11 languages. You can check out the tool using its trial version, which offers a limited usage of 1000 character text to speech conversion. The tool, in itself, is economically priced and can be beneficial for normal users as well as those who have issues with their vision, including users suffering from low vision as well as other forms of visual disabilities. A Windows platform based tool, you can implement it in Windows 2000, 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions. This is a product of OnDotSoft.