PortalGroove SpeechPlayer Free Edition

Download PortalGroove SpeechPlayer Free Edition

PortalGroove made SpeechPlayer Free Edition is a text-to- speech type business software of voice recognition category. This software is popularly used for reading emails, reports, web pages and any kind of texts on the computer screen. This software is widely used for vision challenged people as well as for people with typing ability, etc. The user can select a typical voice and according to users discretion may adjust the opted speaking rate, volume, and voice pitch. As per requirement, a user can switch off between two program settings even while the program is working and deciphering a text into speech file.  The program allows hearing a target text loudly via using the clipboard text-to-speech player from windows clipboard.

PortalGroove SpeechPlayer Free Edition comes with a special mini player control facility. It is simple feature of this program with great convenience. This facility allows a user to use one-key access to main SpeecPlayer functions like play, pause, clipboard supervising, stop, and closing for captioning. This freeware has earned extensive popularity because of its extensive advantages like flexible clipboard text reader, voice setting which can be configured as per preference, captioning like large television, user interface that is minimal, easy and simple to use mini player, easy installation, no expiry period. The program can read loudly the text from clipboard; the user has no obligation to place the text on an different windows for hearing it loudly.

This program has numerous user friendly features. It can read text from clipboard using SAPI 5.1, TV-like close captioning of spoken text improves listening experience, adjustable voice, pitch, conversion rate settings as per individual listening style, the facility of exporting MP3 or WAV file, exporting facility of spoken audio to I tunes by a single click only. This program is compatible with different operating system like Windows XP/2003/ Server 2008/Vista/ 7/8, etc. The file size is 786k and the file name is SpeechPlayerFree.msi. This program is released by Publisher PortalGroove Solutions.