MIA PC Friend

Download MIA PC Friend

Released by Motion Soft, MIA PC friend is innovative speech-recognition software which can turn the users’ PC more interactive and responsive, and it can use web Cam for performing some actions. This software program is compatible with different Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista. The downloadable file size is 29.53 MB and the file name is MIA_PC_Friend_v127_Eng.zip. MIA is a female assistant who is made with some routine intelligence to take the voice command of its users for controlling PC with better organizing power. This voice recognition software works on windows platform by listening and understanding users’ voice command and accordingly acts. To some extent the program can act spontaneously depending on the prompt given to her. The latest version of this program is 1.2.7.

What makes this software program exclusive is its comprehensive active mood. Mia the assistant hunts for staying lively and active, updated and entertained in a user friendly and simple style by utilizing voice synthesis and speech recognition tool. Apart from doing these speech-recognition actions, MIA can manage to perform some typical actions based machine dependant algorithm with the support of a web cam. This program allows its users to use the PC from a certain distance even and the wizard can take the command even without use of microphone. This program can read wide range text along with intricacies like numbers, dates, units of measure, etc with a natural course.

The program has compatibility with different Windows based programs; it allows facility for checking media center, helps in opening documents, control panel, provides access for browsing through social networking sites, etc. MIA does not need special device like kinect for the recognition of voice commands, or for tracking abilities by using artificial Vision feature. MIA allows its users for taking snaps with the webcam on voice command and keeps the hands free for some other work if necessary.