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Released by One Voice Technologies, Media Center Communicator this voice recognition software works on voice command. The program is simple to use and does not require any special training to get started on those software platform. This program is published by One Voice Technologies and the file size is 228.65MB. The file name is mccv3.exe, and it is compatible with Windows operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/7/8. The program requires additional settings like 1 GB RAM, 350 MB free-disk space, quality microphone designed for voice recognition. The program gets quickly installed and it is easy to uninstall even from the system.

Media Center Communicator empowers a use to use his voice command for activation of computer for controlling different media based activities. Fast response time with amazing quality output is the USP of this software. Apart from activating music system or activating web cam to take a photo this program can be configured with five Xbox-360 game consoles game console as well. This program can be configured with skype for making automated call at any point of the world. It works with windows media player and also with itune. This program allows its users to operate voice activated TV and movies instantly access users recorded shows as well as movie collection using the personalized voice command protocol.

The latest version of this software has included unspecified updates, bug fixing features, and other improvised user friendly features. Built on One Voice's Media Center Communicator, MediaCenter Communicator is a authoritative speech recognition toolkit that allows developers of Media Center Applications to include speech recognition commands into their existing Media Center applications. Each time a user starts MCC it robotically searches its entire media so the user can avoid it. Simply by installing the software a user can immediately control it by voice! It is so easy to use. The software offers optimum accuracy by using 4th Gen voice technology by One Voice Technologies.