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Lucas Chess is a kind of game application for acquiring training on chess playing by playing this brain game with computer. The game includes gradually ascending level of difficulties and on contrary limited number of help from the in-built robotic chess mentor. The game includes plenty of training positions, for example, tactical combinations, chess related complexities, and wide varieties of endgames. The software is widely appreciated for its excellent interface and its most of the features are placed on the main window.

The game neither has complicated graphics nor does the game have any complicated animation. The game uses 2D engine, which is trouble-free and efficient. The option menu in the game console is detail and easy to navigate. A user can select a specific tutor who will assist him/her to play well and to suggest things by rating all the movements. User can select different levels of play and depending on the level of difficulty a user can avail effective input from the robotic tutor. In addition to it a user may configure external UCI Engines, which can be used as opponent or as a robotic tutor/mentor.

The most adorable art of this gaming software is its learning experience. There are manifold areas which a user can select for personal gaming skill improvisation. The user can play as Grandmaster, he can learn the trick to do mates within a few moves, and he can select to play an interactive game where he needs to guess the next move of the opponent. The gaming software is the best tool for those who loves to play chess as well as for those who wish to learn playing chess. This gaming software is compatible with OSs like Windows 2000/7/8 Vista/XP. The software can work on Windows if PyQT and Python are installed. It may work on Unix or Mac. In that case it will require editing and adjusting the path to the relevant engine directory.