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Jaws is a screen reader software designed and developed by Freedom Scientific, specifically designed for the users who are visually challenged. This great software can read the 32-bit computer screen intelligently and logically. This tool comes out with a text to speech output option or Braille display screen which is automatic in its refresh.

This software package is composed of a talking installation kit which takes care of installing the complete text to speech output part of the functionality. The package also contains two multi lingual speech synthesizers which have complete compatibility with the magic screen software specifically designed for the screen magnification purpose. This could be used for those visually challenged persons whose vision is not completely affected, but have less than fifty percent visibility. The software package also comes along with a training kit which concentrates on educating the users in understanding the flow of the tool. It provides complete instruction on the way the tool reads the screen and the options available for usage. There is a separate section on using the features in Braille format.

There is a free to try version available with limited functionality. The cost of the software is on the higher side, though worth the functionalities offered. However, it would certainly benefit end users if the rate is brought down. This wonderful software is operational on all flavors of Windows operating systems including XP, Windows 7, Vista, and Win 8. This tool will certainly change the way a visually challenged person will see the computer.

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