Ivona Reader

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Ivona Reader is powerful reading software designed and developed by IVO software. This tool is specialized to convert all the text in its input document in to voice format. This text to voice reader software allows your computer devices to read the texts in the documents with lots of flexibility. This tool is designed to read from documents, eBooks, emails, RSS feeds, and standard web pages. The major functionality of this tool is to read the text from any software and file.

Apart from reading, this tool has many other added features such as converting the text file in to an image file. The tool is designed for easy integration with standard tools such as MS Word, Internet Explorer browser, Skype tool, iTunes software, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Mozilla Firefox. There is a separate module in this tool to read web pages. The other section takes care of the email specialty and covers almost all the major service providers. The proof reading assistant present in this tool allows you to confirm the correct spelling and thereby the pronunciation.  The tool offers various voice options along with flexible volume control. This tool supports almost all the standard SAP15 Voices.

The installation of this tool comes along with many benefits to the user. The tool also provides you options to install extra voices, if you are not satisfied with the default options provided. There is a free collection of eBooks, which can be used along with this tool for reading and entertainment purpose. The speed of reader tool can be controlled by easy measures, but always the quality of the voice is maintained throughout. Apart from the speed, the pitch and the pronunciation can also be controlled in this tool. The tool ultimately provides you the best benefit of converting the text file in to an audio file (mp3) with multiple voice options, all at your fingertips.