Download FlameReader

FlameReader is multifunctional text to speech converter software which gives its audio output in human voice. This program can read from wide variety of formats like Word, web Pages, Emails, Power Points, PDF, and similar more formats. This software can convert a file from any of these formats and decipher them accordingly to play on portable audio devices like CD player etc. Besides an excellent converter program, this software can be a great solution for people with dyslexia, optical problems, or people with partial or complete paralytic condition who cannot write by their own but can hear properly. The latest version of this software is 5.0and the latest version has been released with a bunch of general and advanced features.

The version 5 offers different features for the comfort and convenience of the users. It comes with added support for 64-bit systems. In general category the software offers facilities for conversion of a text file into audible spoken format. The program has facility for translating a selected text into its default language. It helps language learners to understand the new language. FalmeReader offers linguistic support for languages like English to Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese, and French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean to English.

FlameReader offers wide variety of advanced features as well. A user can run a conversation by inserting natural pause. The program gets added after download in toolbars of MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and after installation the program can use the essential functions--read, pause, stop, convert, etc. Typing echo can utter letters, sentences, words etc. The other advanced features are facility of background music, pronunciation editor audio file manager, audio file merger, audio file merger, zoom in and zoom out, etc. This program is released by FlameSoft Technologies. The program is compatible with Oss are Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, windows7/8. The file which contains this program is named as flamereadertrial.exe.