E-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition

Download E-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition

E-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition is a voice identifying software program which runs a computer for performing digital dictation. The program helps in reducing keyboard inputs or mouse clicks with more use of voice recognition support for performing a task like dictation or reading something loudly. Now a use can manage web navigation, editing, or opening a website simple use of personal voice command. Vision impaired people can dictate letter and e-mail with this software. In fact with downloading E-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition a user can make his PC talking and keeps the ability to perform computer task by exclusive voice command.

The program includes attractive and functional sets of pre-set voice command and the entire platform of the operation is found based on latest Speech Accessibility technologies introduced by Microsoft. The program features include amalgamated speech prompts and send the alert to users by informing the status of the command to be executed. Size wise E-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition is small program and simple to use but the program offers plenty of features for making the process of dictation simple and easy to manageable. However the user has to load SAPI 5 and .NET from Microsoft. The computer can nowadays employ animated characters in order to explain the entire action of voice related support system of dictation.

The latest version of Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition is 3.8.12 and it includes advanced features like indeterminate updates, enhancements, and problems like bug fixes. The program is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/vista/7/8. The name of the executer file is sapisvr.exe. Here vivid range of graphic application, skins, and options helps a consumer to customize the e-Speaking voice experience at a flawless manner. This software is being released by e-speaking and the file name is install.exe. This voice recognition software is not a freeware but comes with 30-day trial for the initial evaluation of the users for their satisfaction.